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FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.

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FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.

Old 11-05-19, 12:34 PM
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FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.

Gold Trader - Akirak

Getting rid of a large portion of my collection for a variety of reasons. Edit: All are in pristine condition with all original packaging / inserts unless otherwise noted.

Orders over $150 get an additional 10% off...ship media mail for free. All other shipping paid.

Message with questions.

8 1/2 (Criterion) Blu-ray $10
31 Blu-ray $7.50
1941 Blu-ray $5
Aguirre, The Wrath Of God Blu-ray $7.50
Akira Blu-ray/DVD $12.50
Alfred Hitchcock: The Essential Collection Blu-ray $15
Alien (35th Anniversary Edition) Blu-ray $5
Alien Anthology Blu-ray $10
All Quiet on the Western Front - 1929 Blu-ray $7.50
America Lost and Found (Criterion) Blu-ray $35.00
American Graffiti Blu-ray $7.50
American in Paris, An Blu-ray $7.50
Anchors Aweigh- FS Collection Blu-ray $5.00
Annie Hall Blu-ray $5
Antichrist (Criterion) Blu-ray $10
Apocalypse Now Blu-ray $15
Armageddon (Criterion) DVD $5
Army of Darkness Blu-ray $5
Last Tango In Paris Blu-ray $7.50
Assault on Precinct 13 Blu-ray $12.50
Ballad Of Narayama, The (Criterion) DVD $10
Bambi TwoDisc Diamond Edition Blu-ray/DVD $10
Barbarella Blu-ray $5
Barton Fink Blu-ray $12.50
Basic Instinct Blu-ray $5
Batman: The Dark Knight Blu-ray $5
Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology Blu-ray $15
Batman: The Television Series DVD $10
Battle Royale: The Complete Collection Blu-ray $15
Battleship Potemkin Blu-ray $10
Ben-Hur - 50th Anniversary Blu-ray $25.00
Bergman Set (Criterion) - $135
Birdman Blu-ray $5
Black Dynamite Blu-ray $7.50
Blue Valentine Blu-ray $5
Blue Velvet Blu-ray $7.50
Bond 50 Blu-ray $120
Bonnie and Clyde Blu-ray $10
Boogie Nights Blu-ray $5
Bowling for Columbine (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Brazil (Criterion) Blu-ray $20
Breaking the Waves (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $12.50
Breathless (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $12.50
Broadcast News (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $12.50
Bruce Lee set (Criterion) - $70
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Blu-ray $5
Cabaret Blu-ray $12.50
Candyman Blu-ray $15
Cape Fear Blu-ray $10
Casablanca 70th Anniversary Collector’s Edition Blu-ray $15
Cat People Blu-ray $15
Charade (Criterion -Blu-Ray) Blu-ray $15
Children of Paradise (Criterion - Blu-Ray) Blu-ray $15
Chinatown Blu-ray $7.50
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Blu-ray $5
City Of Lost Children Blu-ray $5
Classic Hitchcock (Criterion) Blu-ray $60
Conan the Barbarian Blu-ray $5
Contempt Blu-ray $10
Conversation, The Blu-ray $7.50
Convoy Blu-ray $10
Cook The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover, The DVD $10
Cowboy Bebop: The Complete Series Blu-ray $15
Cries & Whispers (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Crimes of Passion Blu-ray $15
Crow, The Blu-ray $10
Dario Argento Collection, The Blu-ray $15
Dark City Blu-ray $5
Das Boot Blu-ray $7.50
Dawn Of The Dead Blu-ray $60
Day the Earth Stood Still, The Blu-ray $5
Deer Hunter, The Blu-ray $7.50
Dekalog (Criterion) Blu-ray $40
Del Toro Trilogy (Criterion) Blu-ray $40
Delicatessen Blu-ray $7.50
Deliverance Blu-ray $10
Dementia 13 DVD $7.50
Departed, The Blu-ray $5
Detour (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Die Hard Collection Blu-ray $15
Disney Dumbo Blu-ray/DVD $7.50
Django Unchained Blu-ray $7.50
Do The Right Thing Blu-ray $5
Do the Right Thing (20th Anniversary Edition) Blu-ray $5
Do the Right Thing (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Donnie Darko Blu-ray $10
Dope Blu-ray $5
Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Blu-ray $5
Dr. Strangelove Blu-ray $10
Dr. Strangelove (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Dressed to Kill Blu-ray $5
Dressed to Kill (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Drive Blu-ray $5
Duel Blu-ray $5
Easy Rider Blu-ray $7.50
El Mariachi / Desperado Double Feature Blu-ray $5
El Topo Blu-ray $15
Enter the Dragon 40th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray $20
Escape from New York Blu-ray $10
Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind Blu-ray $5
Every Man for Himself (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Evil Dead 1, The Blu-ray $5
Evil Dead 2: Book of the Dead (S) DVD $25.00
Evil Dead I: Book Of The Dead, The (S) DVD $25.00
Exotica Blu-ray $5
Face in the Crowd, A (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Fallen Idol, The (Criterion) DVD $10
Fantasia/Fantasia 2000 Blu-ray/DVD $25.00
Fatal Attraction Blu-ray $5
Fight Club Blu-ray $5
Films of Alejandro Jodorowsky, The DVD $40
Fisher King, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Fitzcarraldo Blu-ray $10
Flash Gordon Blu-ray $5
Fog, The Blu-ray $7.50
Frankenstein - The Legacy Collection (DVD) DVD $7.50
Full Metal Jacket 25th Anniversary Blu-ray $10
Gates of Heaven / Vernon, Florida (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Ghostbusters (4K) Blu-ray $10
Go Blu-ray $5
Godfather: The Coppola Restoration Blu-ray $15
Gone With the Wind Blu-ray $15
GoodFellas Blu-ray $10
Grease Blu-ray $5
Halloween Blu-ray $5
Halloween (1978 - Digibook) Blu-ray $10
Halloween (Unrated) Blu-ray $7.50
Halloween 003: Season of the Witch Blu-ray $10
Halloween 2 Blu-ray $5
Halloween 2 (2009) Blu-ray $5
Halloween: H20 Blu-ray $15
Hard Boiled Blu-ray $10
Harder They Come, The (Criterion) DVD $10
Heavenly Creatures Blu-ray $5
High Anxiety Blu-ray $5
Highlander Blu-ray $5
Hiroshima Mon Amour (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Hitchcock: The Classic Collection Blu-ray $40
Howling Blu-ray $12.50
Howls Moving Castle Blu-ray/DVD $10
Hunger, The (DVD) DVD $5
if.... (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
In Cold Blood Blu-ray $7.50
Indiana Jones: Raiders Of The Lost Ark Blu-ray $5
Inglourious Basterds Blu-ray $5
Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema (Criterion) Blu-ray $125
Inherent Vice Blu-ray/DVD $5
Invasion of the Body Snatchers Blu-ray $12.50
Iron Giant: Signature Edition Blu-ray $7.50
It Blu-ray/DVD $10
Jason And The Argonauts 1963 Blu-ray $15
Jaws Blu-ray/DVD $5
Jeepers Creepers Blu-ray $5
JFK [Digibook] Blu-ray $20
John Hughes’ Yearbook Collectio Blu-ray $15
Jungle Book Blu-ray/DVD $10
Kind Hearts and Coronets (Criterion) DVD $25
King Kong Collection DVD $15
King of Comedy, The Blu-ray $7.50
Lady and the Tramp Blu-ray/DVD $10
Last Emperor (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Last Laugh, The DVD $10
Lawrence of Arabia Blu-ray $40
Leningrad Cowboys (Aki Kaurismaki) (Eclipse) DVD $20
Leon: The Professional Blu-ray $5
Leprechaun: The Complete Movie Collection Blu-ray $15
Let the Right One In Blu-ray $5
Lord of Illusions [Collector’s Edition] Blu-ray $15
Lord of the Rings 2: The Two Towers Ext Blu-ray $15
Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Ext Blu-ray $20
Lost Highway Blu-ray $12.50
Lost in Translation Blu-ray $7.50
Lucio Fulci Collection, The Blu-ray $20
M*A*S*H Blu-ray $5
Mad Max Trilogy Blu-ray $25
Manchurian Candidate Blu-ray $5
Manhattan Blu-ray $7.50
Matter of Life and Death, A (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Matter Of Life Or Death - Age Of Consent, A DVD $5
Memento 10th Anniversary Special Edition Blu-ray $5
Metallica Through The Never Blu-ray $10
Metallica: A Year and a Half in the Life of... DVD $12.50
Midnight Cowboy Blu-ray $7.50
Midnight Cowboy (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Ministry Of Fear (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Monterey Pop Festival (Criterion) DVD $25
Monty Python's The Meaning of Life Blu-ray $5
Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Blu-ray $7.50
Mulholland Drive (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
My Best Friend's Wedding Blu-ray $5
Naked Lunch (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Natural Born Killers (Diamond Luxe Edition) Blu-ray $10
Natural Born Killers (Director’s Cut) Blu-ray $5
Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind Blu-ray/DVD $10
Near Dark Blu-ray $10
Night of the Hunter, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $20
Night Of The Living Dead (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Night On Earth (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Night Porter (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Night Train to Munich (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Nightbreed (Directors Cut) Blu-ray $12.50
Nosferatu (2-Disc Deluxe) Blu-ray $20
Odd Man Out (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Once Upon a Time in America - Extended Blu-ray $10
Opera Blu-ray $12.50
Opera (Limited Edition DVD) DVD $25
Osterman Weekend, The Blu-ray $7.50
Paris, Texas (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $12.50
Passion Of Joan Of Arc (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Phantasm II (Scream Factory) Blu-ray $15
Pink Panther 1, 2, 5-7 Film Collection, The DVD $10
Pinocchio Blu-ray/DVD $10
Planes Trains Automobiles Bluray Blu-ray $5
Planet Earth: Six-Disc Limited Collector's Edition Blu-ray $30
Police Story/Police Story 2 (Criterion) Blu-ray $20
Prince of Darkness Blu-ray $12.50
Prince Of Darkness (SB) Blu-ray $15
Princess Bride, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Princess Mononoke Blu-ray/DVD $10
Prom Night Blu-ray $12.50
Pumpkinhead (Collector's Edition - Blu-Ray) Blu-ray $10
Punch-Drunk Love (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Rambo 4 Blu-ray $5
Re-Animator Blu-ray $7.50
Rebecca (Criterion) DVD $5
Rebel Without a Cause DVD $5
Red Shoes, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Repo Man (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Return of the Living Dead Blu-ray $5
Robin Hood Blu-ray $5
RoboCop (Criterion) DVD $7.50
Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (Criterion) DVD $10
Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Santa Sangre Blu-ray $15
Scanners (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $13
Schindler’s List Blu-ray/DVD $5
Science is Fiction (Criterion DVD) DVD $10
Serenity Blu-ray $5
Sex, Lies, and Videotape (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Shaft Blu-ray $7.50
Sharky's Machine Blu-ray $5
Short Cuts (Criterion) DVD $15
Sid & Nancy (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $13
Singin In The Rain: 60th Anniversary Collectors Blu-ray $30
Sisters (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Sixteen Candles Blu-ray $5
Skin I Live In, The Blu-ray/DVD $5
Solaris (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Sorcerer Blu-ray $15
Spellbound (Criterion) DVD $25
Stagecoach (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Stanley Kubrick - The Masterpiece Collection Blu-ray $75
Stanley Kubrick Collection Essentials (DVD) DVD $40
Star Trek: Original Motion Picture Collection Blu-ray $20
Steve McQueen Collection Blu-ray $10
Straw Dogs (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Straw Dogs Unrated Version Blu-ray $5
Streetcar Named Desire Blu-ray $10
Sunrise Blu-ray/DVD $7.50
Sunset Boulevard Blu-ray $7.50
Suspiria Blu-ray $20
Sweet Smell of Success (Criterion) Blu-ray $15
Tati (The Complete Jacques Tati) (Criterion) Blu-ray $40
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Blu-ray/DVD $5
Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Blu-ray $7.50
The Outlaw Josey Wales Blu-ray $7.50
The Sound of Music Blu-ray $15
The Tales of Hoffmann (Criterion) DVD $10
The Ten Commandments (Collector's Ed Box) Blu-ray $25
They Live Blu-ray $15
Thin Blue Line, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Third Man, The Blu-ray $5
Throne of Blood (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $13
THX 1138 (The George Lucas Director‚€™s Cut) Blu-ray $7.50
Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $13
Time Bandits (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Tin Drum, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $15.00
To Kill A Mockingbird Blu-ray $5
Touch Of Evil Blu-ray $7.50
Treasure of the Sierra Madre, The Blu-ray $7.50
Tree of Life, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $15.00
TRON: Legacy/The Original 2-Movie Collection Blu-ray $15
True Romance (Director's Cut) Blu-ray $7.50
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me (Criterion) Blu-ray $15.00
Ultimate Flint Collection (DVD) DVD $8
Ultimate Gangsters Collection Blu-ray $10
Universal Classic Monsters: Frankenstein Blu-ray $12.50
Vengeance Trilogy Blu-ray $20
Virgin Suicides, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Wages of Fear, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $15.00
Wallace & Gromit: The Complete Collection Blu-ray $15
Walt Disney Treasures: Silly Symphonies DVD $60
Weekend (Criterion) Blu-ray $15.00
Weird Science (Arrow - Blu-Ray) Blu-ray $15
West Side Story Blu-ray/DVD $5
Wild At Heart Blu-ray $12.50
Wings Of Desire (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50
Women on the Verge (Criterion) Blu-ray $10
Zero Theorem Blu-ray $5.00

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Re: FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.

First batch of titles shipped and list updated.
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Re: FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.

Apologies for any delays, but life decided to blow up last week. I have replied to all pending messages and shipped a second round of discs.
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Re: FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.

Bump...updated list and dropped prices on remaining titles...EVERYTHING MUST GO!!!

Make me an offer on the whole collection if interested
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Re: FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.


It this thread still active? If so I'd be interested in the following:

Annie Hall Blu-ray $5

Blue Velvet Blu-ray $7.50

Brazil (Criterion) Blu-ray $20

Broadcast News (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $12.50

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid Blu-ray $5

Charade (Criterion -Blu-Ray) Blu-ray $15

Do the Right Thing (Criterion) Blu-ray $15

Naked Lunch (Criterion) Blu-ray $15

Night On Earth (Criterion) Blu-ray $15

Paris, Texas (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $12.50

Princess Bride, The (Criterion) Blu-ray $15

Princess Mononoke Blu-ray/DVD $10

Punch-Drunk Love (Criterion) Blu-ray $15

Salo, Or The 120 Days Of Sodom (Criterion) Blu-ray $15

Sex, Lies, and Videotape (Criterion) Blu-ray $15

Sid & Nancy (Criterion) Blu-ray/DVD $13

Time Bandits (Criterion) Blu-ray $12.50

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Re: FS: HUGE collection incl. Criterions, Special Editions, etc.

Apologies to all for the long gap, but things went horribly awry and got in the way of my getting back to people. I have replied to all previous messages and added two additional titles (the Bergman set $135 and the Bruce Lee set $70) and will be responding to messages as they come in.

also, I will be happy to explain my disappearance / absence to anyone who may have concerns.

thanks for looking and understanding

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